Shaswat Deep


I am a full-time technologist and part-time cook and a photographer. Trying to accumulate both the part-time hobbies and full-time job into task so that I can make an impact.

I work as a Software Engineer @ Cisco who wants to Travel the world studying the Ancient Civilizations and gazing the Stars.

I tried my hands-on writing Poems with different structures but most of them came out to be a sad version of failed love story. Trying to fix that and come up with something other than the topic of Love.

I have been hopping from company to company to find out what I actually love to work on. And looks like the search is still on after changing four company in six years of job.

I will try to find out soon as the list has now grown from just Technology to a large pool of tasks.

To reach me, write to deepshaswat AT gmail.com

I have travelled to a dozen of cities in India, but currently settled at Bangalore.