My Teacher’s Salary


In any discussion on Education in the country, there will always be a time when someone points out to the degrading Quality of the Education. There will be a lot of reasons floating ranging from inefficient teachers to outdated system, corruption and many more. And this we are talking about the elementary education.

There are teams and institutions to take care of updation of the curriculum. Things are changing but never enough. But coming from a history with the first and best educational system, how can we move backward and rich to such point in time.

Let us recollect for a moment what could be the most intriguing part of the Ancient education system which is missing in this far Advanced society that we live in.


Just have a look at the above image. A Guru imparting knowledge to his disciples. Everyone is keen to learn because it is knowledge. At that time period teaching was not means to earn wealth but was a sacred duty of the learned to pass-on the knowledge. Somehow in the passing millenia that changed and teaching became a Job which pays money for the survival of a being and their family.

In the passing of time, brought a various number of fields with challenging jobs. But the job of teacher was always there. In each iteration though the value and importance of a Teacher kept on going down because the importance of each role was measured in terms of salary tag which it carried.

The journey of Teaching role moved from the most important and significant in the History to one of the least paid and undervalued one.

Everyone wants there ward to be a Doctor, Engineer, Scientist, and top level of different fields but never a teacher. But they want their kids to be taught by the best teachers. How can a society get the best to Teach, when there are non to impart the same?

How can the society be nurtured when education is given least of the priority by the Government? It is the job of the education department to carry out other tasks apart from teaching.

Noone wants to be a teacher. Most of the candidates who opt for the profession are those who were not successful in all other aspects of career. To speak in point blank the average or below average ones. And their decision are always correct, why will they opt for social impact when the target in life is achieved by the Salary Tag one has as the society is going to compare with the next available candidate.

One cannot expect the society and government to change in a day but the problem is no one is concerned even to find out the root cause for this. People are just willing to pay but never get their hands dirty unless someone of their blood is involved. There will be loud noise but no outcome. It is the duty of the abled, intelligent and well established ones to make a change of the education will keep on producing the same flock with just 1% above the rest.


How can the mass improve when there is flock instead of people. Where there is appreciation for money not for the one who makes a difference. Where the society works on, What the neighbour will say not by what I like. There are a lot of problems and one of them is Money. And it is not going to subside as the children spend most of their time in school with Teachers where they are taught to be successful to earn more, not to impact more. This is the first impact that they get which last for the lifetime, for most of them.